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Americans Owe $1.56 Trillion in Student Loan Debt
70% of millennials graduate with debt, 44% of Americans don't have enough saved to cover a $400 emergency and Americans owe $1.04 trillion in credit card debt.

The PLAN-IT app was created to provide on-the-go financial literacy lessons and budgeting assistance to help YOU get back on track to financial freedom!

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How Does Plan-It Work?

Diagnostic Assessment
You will complete a diagnostic assessment to gauge your current level of financial knowledge. The Plan-It app will CREATE a personalized learning path based on your individual needs.

Budget Notifications
Mary Acklin of Civic Science asked consumers if they went over budget during the holiday season, she said: "the results are big...over ¼ say they spent more than intended this holiday." Plan-It provides a FREE BUDGETING TOOL that reminds you of previous lessons if you are close to overspending.

Better Tomorrow
Plan-It's goal is to help our users improve their financial future by providing engaging lessons to help you BUILD a better tomorrow for yourself and for your loved ones.